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The 2020 SACS Conference will start in

SACS 2020 Annual Meeting

July 16-19, 2020
Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort,
Fernandina Beach, FL

The SACS Annual Meeting is an educational conference that features new and practical strategies related to the treatment of common and complex cardiovascular disease. Each year scientific information and timely topics are presented and debated in an interactive format.

This conference has been described as “a stimulating opportunity for exchange of clinical experiences and knowledge” and a “must-attend meeting.”


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2020 Annual Meeting Agenda

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  • Day 1

    Thursday, July 16, 2020

  • Day 2

    Friday, July 17, 2020

  • Day 3

    Saturday, July 18, 2020

  • Day 4

    Sunday, July 19, 2020

  • Four 30 minute sessions – clinically oriented. Case – 5 slides, PA and Doc on each

  • Speaker: Amy Simone, PA
    Difficult Patient population with Aortic Stenosis (low EF, bicuspid patients)
    Optimal Lipid Therapy Management
    Afib (when to anti-coagulate, when to cardiovert, how to control rate)
    CHF: new drugs for management of CHF (entresto)

  • Moderators: Kenan Yount, MD (UVA surgeon) and Eileen Derth, PA-C (UVA) Speaker: Michael Roebic, MD (Maine medical surgeon)

  • Moderators: Jorge Alegria, MD (Atrium Health) and Frances Wood, MD (Wake Med) Speaker: Michael Rinaldi, MD (Atrium Health cardiologist)

  • Moderators: Gorav Ailawadi, MD (UVA, surgeon) and Shu Lin, MD (Duke) Speaker: Christopher U. Meduri, MD (Atlanta, Cardiologist)

  • Moderators: Michael Johnson, MD (Georgia) and John Skinner, PA-C (Atrium, NC) Speaker: Angela Taylor, MD (UVA)

  • Moderators: Jacob Schroeder, MD (Duke, surgeon) and Arun Krishnamoorthy, MD (Atlanta, cardiologist) or cardiology CHF PA Speaker: Ezequiel Molina, MD (Washington, DC, surgeon)

  • Moderators: Kevin Makati, MD (EP from Tampa) and Teresa DelVecchio (Duke, PA) Speaker: Kerry Schwartz, MD (Orlando, Fl, cardiologist)

  • Moderator: Swathi Kolli, MD (Orlando, FL) Speaker: Ana Barac, MD (Washington, DC)

  • Moderators: Paul Digioria, MD and Laura Raines, PA Speaker: Andy Sherman, MD

  • Moderators: Leora Yarboro, MD (UVA, surgeon) and Drew Walton, PA (UVA) Speaker: Sagar Damle, MD (Atlanta, surgeon)

  • Moderators: Behnam Tehrani, MD (Inova, cardiologist) and Linda Bozar, MD (Orlando) Speaker: Douglas Haden, MD (Atrium Health)

  • Moderators: David Saint, MD (Tallahassee, surgeon) and Wayne Batchelor, MD (Inova, cardiologist) Speakers: Pradeep Yadav, MD (Atlanta, cardiologist)

  • Moderators: Vinod H. Thourani, MD (Atlanta, surgeon) and David Ike, MD (Spartunburg, SC) Speaker: Sreekanth Vemulapalli, MD (Duke, cardiologist)

  • Moderators: Jamieson M. Bourque, MD (UVA) and Brian Shapiro, MD Speaker: Ernesto Umana, MD (Tallahassee)

  • Moderators: Mike Butkus, PA-C and Jerry Levy, MD (duke) Speaker: Kam Ghadimi, MD (Duke)

  • Moderator: Jeff Gaca, MD (Duke, surgeon) and John Kern, MD (UVA) Speakers: Brad Leshnower, MD (Emory, surgeon)

  • Moderators: Varnegee (Vascular Surgeon, Orlando) Speaker: Mark Steiner, MD (Orlando)

  • Moderators: Ryan Burke, MD (Atlanta, Wellstar) and Bill Dixon, MD (cardiologist) Speaker: Curtis Bryan (Orlando)

  • Moderators: Amy Simone, PA and Chad Stouffer, MD Speaker: Bobby Leonardi, MD

  • Moderators: Vinod H. Thourani, MD (Piedmont, Atlanta), Don Glower, MD (Duke), Mike Rinaldi, MD (charlotte), and Henry Liberman, MD (Atlanta, Northside, Atlanta) Speaker: Anyone

  • Moderators: Mani Speaker: Matt Sherwood, MD

  • Moderators: Kevin Accola, MD (Orlando) and Scott Lim, MD (UVA) Speaker: Josh Rovin, MD (St. Pete)

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